Hello and welcome!

I'm Sahar.

A soul driven by curiosity and creativity, forever in pursuit of the new, the unknown, and the transformative power of 'mistakes' as stepping stones.
Sahar Mirzaei, experience UX designer, based in Los Angeles, with a unique artistic vision

What I do

I've been focused on UX/UI and Product Design for the last four years, but my journey in design started 10 years ago and it is multidisciplinary, stretching across various domains where I blend intuition with visual creativity.

My journey

My design journey began with my educational background in urban design, where I was fascinated by the interplay between people and spaces. This experience laid the foundation for my design thinking and human-centered approach, guiding me through transitions to web design, visual art/design, creative direction and ultimately UX/product design.

My design philosophy

My design philosophy centers on deep understanding and open exploration, guided by the dual compass of user needs and business goals. I believe in iterative, adaptable testing, moving beyond linear processes to embrace the full spectrum of possibilities.

My professional highlights

> Finding my Ikigai: Discovering that sweet spot where passion, skill, need, and reward converge into Product Design, especially for causes that touch the heart and move the soul.

> Startup Challenges: Leading the design for an AI-powered iOS app MVP as a solo designer in a startup, I not only leveraged my diverse skills but also collaborated closely with PMs, POs, and engineers. This cross-functional teamwork was eye-opening, refining my design processes and contributing to a 50% increase in user adoption pre-launch.

> Aurorasstudio – Turning Passion into Reality: Co-founding Aurorasstudio has been a journey of embracing the challenges of starting a business, learning from every high and low. It's a testament to resilience, growth, and the power of shared dreams.

> Recognition from Sprintfolio: My work on RingleDingle, an AI-powered e-greeting card service, earned me an award for my redesign solution, scoring 4.8 out of 5. This recognition was a testament to my ability to deliver impactful and user-centric design solutions.

My art practice

Art for me is a realm of boundless freedom, guided by curiosity. As an intuitive artist, I engage in what I call mindful drawing, delving into the interplay of forms and lines with an open heart. This journey is one of continuous exploration and natural evolution, where each stroke is a lesson learned through trial and error. My art is a testament to the power of embracing the process, allowing for organic discovery in every piece I create.

Art in design

The principles of my art practice—embracing the unexpected, valuing imperfection, and nurturing spontaneity—seep into my design work, enriching it with a unique depth. In design, these artistic lessons translate into a resilience that sees constraints as opportunities for creative innovation and mistakes as pivotal learning moments. This mindset, cultivated through art, is essential in developing design solutions that are not only functional and user-centric but also emotionally engaging and innovative.

Outside of design

My time away from the screen is spent immersing myself in nature's beauty, cherishing moments with loved ones, and tending to our cactus garden. I find peace and inspiration in serene places like the Huntington Botanical Garden, each experience breathing freshness into my life. My constant companion through all of this is my pocket-sized sketchbook, a creative outlet always at hand, proving to be a delightful substitute for my phone. I can't recommend it enough; it might just become your closest ally, too.

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I love connecting, creating, and sharing with people.