Hi, I'm Sahar.

👩🏻💻UX/Product Designer

📍Los Angeles-based

✍🏼 Avid Sketcher

🎨 Mindful Artist
Sahar Mirzaei, experience UX designer, based in Los Angeles, with a unique artistic vision

My design journey began as an urban designer, where I learned the value of designing for people's needs and understanding how they interact with their environment. Through exploring different areas of art and design, I came to realize the critical role of human-centered design in creating successful solutions. The most important lesson I've learned as a designer is the value of finding the problem before proposing solutions. Taking the time to understand the problem ensures that you're not making the problem fit the solution you already have, opening up possibilities to think creatively and critically about the best solution. I believe that great design is a process of constant improvement, and I always strive to stay curious and open-minded during the design process.

My life goal is to go with the flow and enjoy the present moment. I enjoy having meaningful conversations with people, and I appreciate everyone’s differences and find it inspiring and empowering. Everywhere I go, I carry a sketchbook. I can always count on it, it patiently observes my experiences and lets me mold them in my mind as I go along. I am grateful for everything I have and don’t have in my life and I am full of desire to live mindfully and purposefully. Therefore, I am still exploring, discovering, and learning through the process of creating.

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